Share. Support. Inspire.

Today’s modern educators have shifted their practice into high-gear by preparing students to develop knowledge, skills and qualities that will lead them to become successful, economically productive and actively engaged citizens in an ever-changing, technology-driven world. As equity, well-being and academic achievement continue to be at the core of instructional practices, integrating the application of modern pedagogy while providing differentiation and the effective integration of technology can be daunting for most educators.

Despite the great proliferation of technological options, until now educators have used a variety of non-education-specific, disconnected and dispersed collaboration tools to support one another, share resources, learn and inspire. While districts offer their staff multiple platforms for professional learning, these are also not interconnected. Easy, common sense access to valuable education resources across the web is long overdue.

Created by educators, Cube For Teachers is a free solution for all educators everywhere that fosters straight-forward access to open educational resources, increasing efficiency and collaboration. Often, most educators miss out on valuable resources due to a lack of connectedness. There are simply too many places to search. At Cube, we believe that the role of the modern educator is evolving, and evolving rapidly – accessing target resources when most needed is paramount.

Cube For Teachers unites educators across the globe. On Cube, educators share links to resources that matter to them - tagged their way. To date, educators have shared nearly 130,000 links to open educational resources, created by others or themselves, leading to increased understanding of educator needs and interests, as they relate to improved student outcomes. Cube is host to a variety of shared resources from around the world, for all grades, subjects, interests, abilities and backgrounds.

A one-stop solution - Cube is changing the way educators support and inspire one another.