Student Voice

student voice
professional development
We often hear about the need for students to learn how to program in order to be ready for STEM fields and the Information Economy. It’s what we’ve been hearing for over a decade. However,
student voice
gender equality
Twelve-year-old Gwendolyn Allen attended the final 2019 CBC Massey Lecture in Toronto and asked the last question of the night: she wanted to know how to get the boys to pay attention to her presentation on sexism. Armstrong answered and then said: "I'm coming to your school."
student voice
engaging all students
I understand the importance of engaging every student and making sure each child is actively listening. But what these methods can do, especially for a student like me, is cause this constant feeling of being on edge. I could never pay full attention because I always felt on alert. I was scared to be called on. I didn’t want to be put on the spot.
Mental Health
teaching strategy
relationship building
Following the Third Path means focusing on the student-educator relationship first. Caring, intentional and responsive relationships are at the heart of learning and growth. This approach leads to understanding each student, and truly knowing their strengths, struggles, and needs.
student voice
jen giffen
empath map
Check out this empathy map template created by Jen Giffen.
modern learners
Value of school
viral video 8M+ views
Modern Learners responds to Prince EA's viral video What Is School For. While everyone can relate to the content of the video, it offers no real solutions.
student voice
Connecticut's Ella Briggs was sworn in as her state's "kid governor" in January and ran on a pro-LGBTQ platform.
student voice
student success
student choice
Allowing students to be involved and take control of their education gives them the tools to be much more successful.
teachable moments
student voice
Students’ critical comments may throw new teachers off, but they can be useful for sparking engagement and learning. Listening for the teachable moment in these sometimes critical comments can turn some of them into opportunities for deepening students’ understanding.
global student voice
In the Maasai community where Richard Turere lives with his family, cattle are all-important. But lion attacks were growing more frequent. In this short, inspiring talk, the young inventor shares the solar-powered solution he designed to safely scare the lions away.
global citizenship
student voice
"Today, there are more than 2 billion children and teenagers on earth. By 2050, there will be 3 billion. According to UNICEF (2017 report), more than 70 percent of youth is currently online, moving toward 80 and 90 percent as Africa and Asia gain more connectivity. Kids on Earth™ is traveling the world, interviewing kids as they take the first steps toward global citizenship."
Scaffolded group work can be more equitable for all students, no matter their abilities. Aptos Middle School GRADES 6-8 | San Francisco, CA Explore more reso...
student voice
simple chart
Liz Kleinrock, a third-grade teacher in Los Angeles, is getting a lot of attention for her clear-eyed lessons on consent.
student voice
Mia MacMeekin
We hope you enjoy Mia’s offering of these terrific learner-centered instruction methods. You’ll find that they’re adaptable to practically any classroom environment. Use them to foster skills in digital media literacy and critical problem-solving processes. Let students explore collaboration and teamwork in a rewarding environment. Teach with role playing, social media, and game-based learning.
student voice
printable posters
listen with purpose
Eight talking point posters to support dialogue for developing student voice. Download them individually or as one large poster. Developed in early years but usable across all age groups